2015 Utah Valley market forecast

Happy New Year! What does the real estate market hold for this year? The Utah Valley real estate market is hot. In fact, we are essentially fully recovered from the market crash of not so long ago. So what does that mean? Here is a report for Utah County real estate over the past 20 years.

Home Sales 1.7.15 Quantity

As you can see, Utah County real estate sales are cyclical throughout the year. Spring and Summer are the hottest times, and Thanksgiving through winter are the slow cycles. Overall, you can see trends, and it’s easy to see the Real Estate Crash of 2007-2008. In terms of volume of homes sold, we’re essentially fully recovered.

So….. what about prices? Here’s the graph.

Home Sales 1.7.15 PriceIn terms of prices, we are fully recovered from real estate heights in 2006. The average home in Utah County sold for $225,000 in the 4th quarter of 2014.

  • Home values are up.
  • Interest rates are still at record lows.
  • It’s prime time to lock into your new home for 2015.

You might be surprised at what your home is worth. Give us a call!

Happy 2015 to you!