Market Report: Utah Real Estate Spring Buyers

One of the best things about living in Utah is the beautiful four seasons. The romance of freshly fallen snow in December gives way to January and February days when you ask if the winter will ever end. Which is similar to the summer months when 100° + days finally give way to fall football.

While the weather is seasonal in Utah, so too are real estate buying trends. As you can see in the attached market report for Wasatch Front real estate in Utah, real estate sales in Utah are also somewhat predictable based on season. If you count the dots, every 4th dot is down, while the 5th dot is up considerably. And if you dig deeper, you will notice that the 4th dot is the 4th quarter: October, November, December. Why are sales down in the 4th quarter? Well, because people are preparing turkeys and shopping for Christmas, and the weather is too cold to go outside. If the report could show Nov-Jan months, that respective quarter would be even lower.

Utah market report, spring buyers

Hottest Quarter:

Always either 1st or 2nd quarter, Jan-March, or April-June.

Slowest Quarter:

Always the 4th quarter, Oct-Dec.


So, what’s the takeaway: Spring in Utah brings blossoms, green grass, and the rivers fill with runoff. And spring in Utah definitely brings BUYERS!

Hang on! Looking outside today, the icicles are melting off the houses. That means buyers are right behind!

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Jeremy Washburn