Homeowner Finance: Smarter (Not Harder)

Homes in Order

The (Old-Fashioned) Way to Wealth

Homes in Order: Real Estate FInance: Smarter (Not Harder)Homeownership is the American Dream! But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a Nightmare. The crazy thing is this: when it comes to the biggest investment most families will ever make, most people don’t really know what they’re doing.

Jeremy Washburn will show you how to save $100,000+ on your life’s biggest investment.

  • 1-week challenge. 6 lessons, Monday-Saturday
  • Learn about investing and compound interest
  • See how $1=$5, then discover how $2=$1,000
  • Fun, business novel format
  • 107 pages, 45+ pictures, charts, and diagrams

About Homes in Order. Jeremy Washburn, MBA, had front row seats to The Great Recession and The Mortgage Crisis, and when he saw signs of the market turning south, he started analyzing his own investments. Through millions of Excel spreadsheet calculations and countless models, he discovered two amazing, simple formulas: $1=$5 and $2=$1,000. Take the 1-week challenge and see how much you will save.

Synopsis: Shawn, a young, hotshot MBA, tech professional and new homeowner meets Rick, a savvy real estate investor who opens Shawn’s eyes to an entirely new world of personal finance. Cami gives Shawn a run for his money when they hit the trails together. Along the way, they discover the virtues of Benjamin Franklin and The Way to Wealth. By practicing Thrift, Industry, and Prudence, Shawn learns how to put his money to work for him and saves a small fortune. Sure, it works in the book. But how much would you save?

In 6 simple lessons, Monday through Saturday, learn Poor Richard’s timeless principles and discover how to put your money to work for you:

  1. Success: What is your plan? Understanding. Get your roadmap.
  2. Patience: Learn how $1=$5.
  3. Diligence: Discover how $2=$1,000.
  4. Financial Efficiency: Waste nothing. Make tough cuts.
  5. Nourishing the Investment: 4 Foundations, The Good Ship Opportunity.
  6. Accomplishment: Reap the rewards of your hard work. Be charitable.

Awesome! ~ Cheryl

I can honestly say that Homes in Order was one of the best books I’ve ever read! I felt like the book spoke to me, and I was Shawn. ~ Ben, 25 year old 1st time home buyer

This needs to be screamed from the housetops! Fantastic! ~ Joe

I wish I had this 10 years ago! ~ Jake

So much fun to read! I couldn’t wait for the next chapter to see what would happen! ~ Logan

My new closing gift for all my clients! ~ Shauna

I love this book! (And I hate math!) ~ Leigh