Storage on Geneva

I’m very excited to announce a new development. Storage on Geneva. Located at approximately 580 North Geneva Road in Lindon, Utah, Storage on Geneva will be a state of the art self storage facility. And what’s even more exciting — it’s my project.


This project has been years in the making. 45 years, in fact. My dad, Jerry Washburn, grew up loving horses, and when he was a young man, he stumbled upon an opportunity to buy some horse property. And true to my dad’s life, when he did a job, he went big! He and his young wife purchased 23 acres in Lindon, Utah that was once a farm of Utah State University used to study the pollution effects of the newly created Geneva Steel upon livestock.

A few years later, I entered the picture, as a brand new baby boy. Since that day, I have traveled up and down Geneva Road tens of thousands of times. It was the pleasure of my life to hop in the truck with my hero, my dad, and go to the farm! We had all sorts of animals: cats, dogs, cows, goats, chickens, snakes, mice, muskrats, birds, but mostly horses! My dad lived life big. And his farm was big! There were times when his own herd of horses approached 20 head.

I was raised on that farm. I learned how to work on that farm. I learned how to work with animals 10 times my size, and I got them to work with me. I drove tractors and trucks and 3-wheelers! We played in the haystack, and ran through the pastures. I remember our dogs Toby, Katie, and more recently, Mister Darcy. (Yes, he’s a princess!)

Well, time moves on, and there is probably a better use for the old farm now. It has become somewhat dilapidated. The joy of horses deflated a little 4 1/2 years ago when dad passed away. So, now it is up to us to find the best and highest use for that property. What is exciting about this use is that it will enable us to hold onto the farm for a very long time. And it will provide opportunities for work for the family. And it’s going to provide much needed space to store our stuff. Because for 45 years, aside from raising kids and being a sanctuary for my dad, it’s been an awesome place to store stuff! So the tradition continues!

At the end of the day, Storage will take up about 20% of the farm. And we have several other exciting projects in the pipeline.

Stay tuned!