Utah County Luxury Home Sales

According to this recent article, Utah is in the top 3 in the nation in terms of mansions per capita. If you dig beyond the headline just a little deeper, you’ll see that the definition of “mansion” in this article includes homes with 5+ bedrooms. Wow! I was raised in a mansion! (We certainly weren’t rich!)

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Just for fun, let’s look at the luxury home market in Utah County and see what the luxury home market is really like in Utah County. You don’t have to drive far to see some gorgeous homes. Here are some stats:

  • # homes listed over $1.5 million: 44
  • Median list price: $2,490,000
  • High list price: $39,000
  • Median square footage: 8,180
  • Median price/foot: $304/foot
  • Median # bedrooms: 6
  • Median # bathrooms: 6.5
  • Median # days on market: 237

Interesting! The average luxury home has more bathrooms than bedrooms! When you gotta go…. Now, let’s look at the same criteria and see how many homes have SOLD in the past 365 days,

  • # homes SOLD over $1.5 million: 10
  • Median SOLD price: $1,594,500
  • High SOLD price: $2,066,000
  • Median square footage: 8,973
  • Median price/foot: $178
  • Median bedrooms: 5
  • Median bathrooms: 6
  • Median days on market: 99.5

Click here for a list of $1.5 million Utah County homes.

There are some beautiful luxury homes for sale in Utah! It’s also a very niche market. If you would like to see any of these homes and make an offer (some have been on the market awhile and my just take a crazy offer!) make sure you have the best working for you. Contact Jeremy Washburn and he will go to work for you!